In the Begining!

In the begining!

The group was formed in the chaos of a small town called Kassen. Shaylene an elven Summoner, Miles the human warrioress, Dru the elven sorceress with a mysterious undead bloodline, Tala a young halfling druid and her Snow lepard companion, Hak-ak Bloodfang, a half-orc barbarian, Mahya a young rougish, human girl, plying her skills vs the slave trade, and Kane a paladin serving Palin the Just.

Refugees streamed into Kassen, to find temporary shelter after a cult used elementals to lay waste to other villages in the region. The party was fooled into giving chase to a supposed kidnapper, which led to the town mayor. He believe that these adventureous folk would be willing to help him.

The mayor asked them to help reinstate an old tradition in the town. A group of adventurers would brave the perils of a crypt to retrieve an everburring flame to bring good fortune to the town throughout the winter. Rumors said the perils of the tomb were to be made “SAFE” by the ingenious townfolk. It was just a reason for a fall festival and the adventures would all return as heros!

“This will be easy.” famous last words. The trip was frought with illusionary orcs, some real wolves, and some real dead horses at the mouth of the tomb.
The first chamber was full of skeletons, some fresh and dressed in townsfolk garb. The pit traps were full of pillows, and notes stating “YOU ARE DEAD!” (The adventurers were warned that not everyone would make it out.) Arrows in other traps were blunted to only bruise, keys and maps were given to avoid the worst of the real traps that protected the tomb of the town’s founder.

Unknown to them, bandits had raided the tomb over the years and had awakened an evil undead warrior. These bandits did not escape but were instead turned into various bleeding bone skeletons and plague carrying zombies.

The adventurers were victorious… after trials and pains mostly self inflicted, and they had learned a lot.

The Real Dilemma

The Adventurers learn of a missing guard that only his dog may know where he is. Later they find the body of the guard inside a giant snake. The halfling Tala is suprised to be “Chosen” by an elven ranger to be THE “rumored” Druid that is trying to free the animals from the Zoo.

The City Lord, Vada sends for the adventurers to come to an audience with him. They notice an airship tied to one of the tallest capital towers.
Vada and asks them to aid him in curing a magical plague that is infecting many in the city. They must find a peice of a Dryad, a Yuanti, a Cockatrice, and an Intellect Devourer for the Lord’s allies to craft a cure. He grants them magical weapons to help in the quest, that will hold an enchantment charge for 1 month.

They learn that the wizard Blacklake is hoarding food and supplies from his neighbors, they want his warehouse evenly distributed to the hungry. They also offer a high reward for his silver teeth and a key to his estate.
Blacklake the merchant mage and his two apprentices are hoarding many supplies, but also they are holding a beautiful Dryad in her tree, magically kept alive in the basement. After a tough fight with the Blacklake mages the Dryad attempts to kill herself as she beleaves that Death is her only chance at Freedom. Her tree survived the sudden, magical arival of the city then Blacklake fell in love with her and would not let her go.

The Dryad is taken outside the city, by Shaelyne (who believed that others may try to capture/harm her) to a new tree in the elven woods and released. As a reward she grants them a lock of her hair.

Ingredient #2

The group remembers the city guard looking around their home for some lost roosters, a few days ago and now realize they were looking for the Cockatrice.

Dru continues her quest to join the Mages Guild. She used the odd sun dials spread through out the city, deciphered the magial keys, to enter the summoning site, to do battle with a water mephit to gain a flask of Pure Water, and a Fire Mephit to gain the Scorched Ironwood.

Mayh goes to the Moonstone Mask and buys a mask from Ophillia, a 1/2 Drow. She also gains a few magical traps to change Hakak colors, if he tries to barge into her room again.

While looking for the Cockatrice the learn that someone is holding a auction and the only way to get in is with some strange gold cion tokens. After gathering some information they lean that a Cockatrice feather will be the primary item up for bid. (Some also overhear that a yuanti may be available also.)

Spend money to make money.

Hakak, Miles, Shaelyne, and Tala, go on a shopping spree in order to collect these odd coins that come as change, from transactions at various establishments around town.

Meanwhile Dru and Mayh find and fight Air Mephits which gets her a puff of fog (a tornado in a bottle) and an Earth Mephit, which left behind a rare earthen clay.
She then gathers her allies to watch over her as she attempts the trial to join the Mages Guild. They must fight an Iron Golem with 4 unmarked wands, a riddle given that states,
“Strengthen with stone, then water to slow it down, color the air, then burn it down!”
Dru’s lore and Spellcraft let her identify the proper wands and use them to defeate the golem, while Hakak and Miles distracted it. Dru is accepted into the Mages Guild and is given her Guild Many Stared Cloak.

Into the Auction.

The group is able to gather 33 token coins, but are unsure if it will let them all into the Bloodsail Tavern. They ask around and find out that only a certain type of rough and tumble crowd is likley to be allowed in coins or not. Disguises, and intimidating looks are enough to allow entrance, with some bribes and proof of token coins as well. they all enter in two seperate groups, and observe the crowd while waiting for the auction to start.

There are many strange folk, including a Draconic mage, in an argument with a snake cultist, a group of drow, a noisy dwarf, some cloaked stranger, a woman in platemail, and a few other disreputable types scattered thruought the bar.

Hours drag on and nothing happens. Rumors have spread that the two men in charge of the auction have had a fallign out, and that Vengaul has kidnaped Callik’s girlfriend. The auction begins and Hakak bids 11 token coins on and wins a suite of Ironwood Scale armor, for Tala the Druid, that allows her to camoflauge, while Shae bids 22 token coins on a Ring of regeneration, and have only 1 token coin left.

Then another long boring strech of nothing happening. The Guards slowly and quietly begin to leave the tavern. The Adventurers decide to follow and can not find any trace of the guards in the back rooms. Miles and Dru find a secret trap door leading beneath the Tavern. They encounter a confronotation between Callik and Vengaul. Vengaul wants more if not all the money, and Callik wants his girl back. It starts to degrade when Dru sides with Callik and his pirates to fight Vengaul and his ninjas. The Dark Stranger enters the fray and helps the group clean up and lays claim to the feather for the City Lords. Miles states that THAT was HER job! Wolf and Miles arm Wrestle for it and Miles wins.

They take the Cockatrice feather directly to Lord Vada. His advisor greets them and takes possession of it, and thanks them profusely.

In dealing with sankes.

It seems that in no time at all a serpent cult has nested in the newly formed City of Tourondel. The adventurers gather info to find the snakes hideout and go looking for information about a Yuanti, that is needed to produce a cure. The snake cultists are willing to trade the info for some items of draconic nature. The party spends most of the day shopping for dragon potions, swords, daggers, armor, scales, etc. When they return an acolyte leaves with them to tell them that he does not have the info but must verify the items and the info will be sent to them.

The group does not trust the venemous tounged cult and kills their messenger. The city guard stumble upon the sceene, but reassure the party, that it is completly legal to slay members of this evil cult.

They return to the manor in which the cult is hiding, inside the inner Noble housing district. They enter ready fro a fight and Hak-ak gets pinned by the heavy portcullis. They turn left bash open the door to a bedroom with a Dire Bearskin rug and it animates and attacks them. As the group fight to remove it from Miles the Mayh the rouge spots a cultist in the corner casting spells at them. They destroy him and the rug and find his unholy snake symbol, unholy water, a vile of bloodroot poison, and a strange braclet.

Down the hall is a barracks. The cultists are ready for the adventurers and cast spells to hold both Miles and Hak-ak while the others enter and slowly but surely defeate the cultists. After they loot the bodies. The leader appears to them and begins bargining for the supplies.
Miles is very frustrated but begins to dorp items on the floor each one revealing some info on the location of the Yuanti. The heavily armored cult leader begins to taunt them and Miles gives the signal for Dru the elven sorceror, to open fire. The first one hits easily but the second shot passes thru harmlessly, as the leaders concentration on his illusion spell was so intense it reacted to thier attacks.
They immediatly began tearing appart the manor to find him which led them into a throne room with a magical circle, filling most of the room. Hak-ak charges across the room to attack the armored figure on the throne, and is trapped in a circle that slowly removes the air from all those inside. The others use very peculier, but very sound magical theory and methods to attempt to free their friend. During which time the druid Tala slips and is dragged into the ring. After much testing of theories and strength they squeeze them both free of the death trap and decide to leave to test the small amount of information that they recieved from the Sithis snake cult leader.

The Beast Laid Plans

The information sent them to the Tangleborrk Estate. This trap was laid by the Sithis Cult leader to make the group face the beast, in the prison under the city in this area, and be rid of them once and for all.

Old Lady Tanglebrooke told them about the Head Warden who lived just down the street.
Outside his home, a derranged prisoner crawled out of the sewer, and would threaten and attempt to attack anyone who was alone but seemed peaceful if overwhelmed by numbers.

He was coersed into leading the group back into the prison. He lead them to a magically hidden room with a large chess board with gargoyle game pieces. They make their way across the board and into the prison complex. There they meet a Leutenat, and some prison guards. The Lt. was quietly mouthing “Help Me!” They were obviously under mind control.

Durring the middle of the fight, the Intellect Devourer showed itself and while bruised and shakey it seemed devoted to keeping its hold on the guards, as well as adding the adventurers to its hoard of defenders.

The fight was difficult and after many mental attacks that dazed and stunned the party, they proved victorious, but only their magical weapons seemed to have any real affecct on the creature.


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