The Real Dilemma

The Adventurers learn of a missing guard that only his dog may know where he is. Later they find the body of the guard inside a giant snake. The halfling Tala is suprised to be “Chosen” by an elven ranger to be THE “rumored” Druid that is trying to free the animals from the Zoo.

The City Lord, Vada sends for the adventurers to come to an audience with him. They notice an airship tied to one of the tallest capital towers.
Vada and asks them to aid him in curing a magical plague that is infecting many in the city. They must find a peice of a Dryad, a Yuanti, a Cockatrice, and an Intellect Devourer for the Lord’s allies to craft a cure. He grants them magical weapons to help in the quest, that will hold an enchantment charge for 1 month.

They learn that the wizard Blacklake is hoarding food and supplies from his neighbors, they want his warehouse evenly distributed to the hungry. They also offer a high reward for his silver teeth and a key to his estate.
Blacklake the merchant mage and his two apprentices are hoarding many supplies, but also they are holding a beautiful Dryad in her tree, magically kept alive in the basement. After a tough fight with the Blacklake mages the Dryad attempts to kill herself as she beleaves that Death is her only chance at Freedom. Her tree survived the sudden, magical arival of the city then Blacklake fell in love with her and would not let her go.

The Dryad is taken outside the city, by Shaelyne (who believed that others may try to capture/harm her) to a new tree in the elven woods and released. As a reward she grants them a lock of her hair.



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