The Beast Laid Plans

The information sent them to the Tangleborrk Estate. This trap was laid by the Sithis Cult leader to make the group face the beast, in the prison under the city in this area, and be rid of them once and for all.

Old Lady Tanglebrooke told them about the Head Warden who lived just down the street.
Outside his home, a derranged prisoner crawled out of the sewer, and would threaten and attempt to attack anyone who was alone but seemed peaceful if overwhelmed by numbers.

He was coersed into leading the group back into the prison. He lead them to a magically hidden room with a large chess board with gargoyle game pieces. They make their way across the board and into the prison complex. There they meet a Leutenat, and some prison guards. The Lt. was quietly mouthing “Help Me!” They were obviously under mind control.

Durring the middle of the fight, the Intellect Devourer showed itself and while bruised and shakey it seemed devoted to keeping its hold on the guards, as well as adding the adventurers to its hoard of defenders.

The fight was difficult and after many mental attacks that dazed and stunned the party, they proved victorious, but only their magical weapons seemed to have any real affecct on the creature.



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