Spend money to make money.

Hakak, Miles, Shaelyne, and Tala, go on a shopping spree in order to collect these odd coins that come as change, from transactions at various establishments around town.

Meanwhile Dru and Mayh find and fight Air Mephits which gets her a puff of fog (a tornado in a bottle) and an Earth Mephit, which left behind a rare earthen clay.
She then gathers her allies to watch over her as she attempts the trial to join the Mages Guild. They must fight an Iron Golem with 4 unmarked wands, a riddle given that states,
“Strengthen with stone, then water to slow it down, color the air, then burn it down!”
Dru’s lore and Spellcraft let her identify the proper wands and use them to defeate the golem, while Hakak and Miles distracted it. Dru is accepted into the Mages Guild and is given her Guild Many Stared Cloak.



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