Into the Auction.

The group is able to gather 33 token coins, but are unsure if it will let them all into the Bloodsail Tavern. They ask around and find out that only a certain type of rough and tumble crowd is likley to be allowed in coins or not. Disguises, and intimidating looks are enough to allow entrance, with some bribes and proof of token coins as well. they all enter in two seperate groups, and observe the crowd while waiting for the auction to start.

There are many strange folk, including a Draconic mage, in an argument with a snake cultist, a group of drow, a noisy dwarf, some cloaked stranger, a woman in platemail, and a few other disreputable types scattered thruought the bar.

Hours drag on and nothing happens. Rumors have spread that the two men in charge of the auction have had a fallign out, and that Vengaul has kidnaped Callik’s girlfriend. The auction begins and Hakak bids 11 token coins on and wins a suite of Ironwood Scale armor, for Tala the Druid, that allows her to camoflauge, while Shae bids 22 token coins on a Ring of regeneration, and have only 1 token coin left.

Then another long boring strech of nothing happening. The Guards slowly and quietly begin to leave the tavern. The Adventurers decide to follow and can not find any trace of the guards in the back rooms. Miles and Dru find a secret trap door leading beneath the Tavern. They encounter a confronotation between Callik and Vengaul. Vengaul wants more if not all the money, and Callik wants his girl back. It starts to degrade when Dru sides with Callik and his pirates to fight Vengaul and his ninjas. The Dark Stranger enters the fray and helps the group clean up and lays claim to the feather for the City Lords. Miles states that THAT was HER job! Wolf and Miles arm Wrestle for it and Miles wins.

They take the Cockatrice feather directly to Lord Vada. His advisor greets them and takes possession of it, and thanks them profusely.



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