Ingredient #2

The group remembers the city guard looking around their home for some lost roosters, a few days ago and now realize they were looking for the Cockatrice.

Dru continues her quest to join the Mages Guild. She used the odd sun dials spread through out the city, deciphered the magial keys, to enter the summoning site, to do battle with a water mephit to gain a flask of Pure Water, and a Fire Mephit to gain the Scorched Ironwood.

Mayh goes to the Moonstone Mask and buys a mask from Ophillia, a 1/2 Drow. She also gains a few magical traps to change Hakak colors, if he tries to barge into her room again.

While looking for the Cockatrice the learn that someone is holding a auction and the only way to get in is with some strange gold cion tokens. After gathering some information they lean that a Cockatrice feather will be the primary item up for bid. (Some also overhear that a yuanti may be available also.)



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