In the Begining!

In the begining!

The group was formed in the chaos of a small town called Kassen. Shaylene an elven Summoner, Miles the human warrioress, Dru the elven sorceress with a mysterious undead bloodline, Tala a young halfling druid and her Snow lepard companion, Hak-ak Bloodfang, a half-orc barbarian, Mahya a young rougish, human girl, plying her skills vs the slave trade, and Kane a paladin serving Palin the Just.

Refugees streamed into Kassen, to find temporary shelter after a cult used elementals to lay waste to other villages in the region. The party was fooled into giving chase to a supposed kidnapper, which led to the town mayor. He believe that these adventureous folk would be willing to help him.

The mayor asked them to help reinstate an old tradition in the town. A group of adventurers would brave the perils of a crypt to retrieve an everburring flame to bring good fortune to the town throughout the winter. Rumors said the perils of the tomb were to be made “SAFE” by the ingenious townfolk. It was just a reason for a fall festival and the adventures would all return as heros!

“This will be easy.” famous last words. The trip was frought with illusionary orcs, some real wolves, and some real dead horses at the mouth of the tomb.
The first chamber was full of skeletons, some fresh and dressed in townsfolk garb. The pit traps were full of pillows, and notes stating “YOU ARE DEAD!” (The adventurers were warned that not everyone would make it out.) Arrows in other traps were blunted to only bruise, keys and maps were given to avoid the worst of the real traps that protected the tomb of the town’s founder.

Unknown to them, bandits had raided the tomb over the years and had awakened an evil undead warrior. These bandits did not escape but were instead turned into various bleeding bone skeletons and plague carrying zombies.

The adventurers were victorious… after trials and pains mostly self inflicted, and they had learned a lot.



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