In dealing with sankes.

It seems that in no time at all a serpent cult has nested in the newly formed City of Tourondel. The adventurers gather info to find the snakes hideout and go looking for information about a Yuanti, that is needed to produce a cure. The snake cultists are willing to trade the info for some items of draconic nature. The party spends most of the day shopping for dragon potions, swords, daggers, armor, scales, etc. When they return an acolyte leaves with them to tell them that he does not have the info but must verify the items and the info will be sent to them.

The group does not trust the venemous tounged cult and kills their messenger. The city guard stumble upon the sceene, but reassure the party, that it is completly legal to slay members of this evil cult.

They return to the manor in which the cult is hiding, inside the inner Noble housing district. They enter ready fro a fight and Hak-ak gets pinned by the heavy portcullis. They turn left bash open the door to a bedroom with a Dire Bearskin rug and it animates and attacks them. As the group fight to remove it from Miles the Mayh the rouge spots a cultist in the corner casting spells at them. They destroy him and the rug and find his unholy snake symbol, unholy water, a vile of bloodroot poison, and a strange braclet.

Down the hall is a barracks. The cultists are ready for the adventurers and cast spells to hold both Miles and Hak-ak while the others enter and slowly but surely defeate the cultists. After they loot the bodies. The leader appears to them and begins bargining for the supplies.
Miles is very frustrated but begins to dorp items on the floor each one revealing some info on the location of the Yuanti. The heavily armored cult leader begins to taunt them and Miles gives the signal for Dru the elven sorceror, to open fire. The first one hits easily but the second shot passes thru harmlessly, as the leaders concentration on his illusion spell was so intense it reacted to thier attacks.
They immediatly began tearing appart the manor to find him which led them into a throne room with a magical circle, filling most of the room. Hak-ak charges across the room to attack the armored figure on the throne, and is trapped in a circle that slowly removes the air from all those inside. The others use very peculier, but very sound magical theory and methods to attempt to free their friend. During which time the druid Tala slips and is dragged into the ring. After much testing of theories and strength they squeeze them both free of the death trap and decide to leave to test the small amount of information that they recieved from the Sithis snake cult leader.



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